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General map settings

(1) Zoom

Defines the zoom of the map. Zoom level 0 shows the complete map.

(2) Center

Defines the center of the map. with zoom 0 it"s automatically the middle of the map.

(3) Abandoned villages

Abandoned villages are displayed grey. If the checkbox is empty abandoned villages are not displayed.

(4) Allytags

The Ally-Tags of marked allys are displayed on the map. The Tags are centered to the area of each ally.
General map settings


There are two way of marking tribes, players and villages.

Via "Map settings" tab

The Links "add ally", "add player" and "add village" create new input fields with those you can add map markers.

(5) Tribes

Choose an ally from the dropdown menu or search an ally clicking the magnifier and selecting a result. (6)

(7) Players

Enter the players name in the input field or search a player clicking the magnifier and selecting a result. (8)

(9) Villages

Enter the coordinates into the input fields.

(10) Marker color

You can choose the color of the marker clicking the colorselector.

(11) Create

Clicking "create map" creates the map with the selected markers.
Via "Map settings" tab

via Popup

Clicking a village on the map brings up a popup with Informations and further options. The popup shows the village name, coordinates, points, players name and ally. (12)

(13+14) Add/remove markers

On the right hand side are buttons for adding or removing markers. Clicking the plus shows the color selector for the marker. The plus or minus with the refresh icon refreshes the map immediately, the normal plus or minus adds or removes the marker without refresh.

(15) Center/zoom map

Clicking "center map here" centers the map around the selected village. Additionally you can zoom the map.
via Popup

Remove markers

Markers can be removed through emptying the input fields in the map settings (for allys select the top most entry "---") or remove the marker through the popup on the map.


In the tab "language" you can select the language. This setting is stored in a cookie. By now you can choose between german, english and russian.

Map links

In the "Link it!" tab you can find links as BBCode or URL for linking the map in forums.

Map archive

In the world map archive is a new map of the TOP 20 tribes every day. The maps are created every night (CET).